Art File Requirements

Please review our art file requirements before submitting graphics. Your Account Representative can help you determine the files needed for production of your sign or display project.


Vector Files

Vector files are created in illustration programs using vector paths to draw the letters and shapes. Vector-only files can be enlarged or reduced without impact to file quality.

Embed or supply linked images: If your AI, PDF, or EPS file contains raster images please either embed the high resolution image or submit the linked image along with the file.

Please outline all fonts or supply the fonts used. You may also ask if we have the fonts used available on our system.

Please include Pantone® swatches in file when possible. Due to the limited color range of vinyl we may suggest a substitution color, or recommend a digital print if close match is needed. Highly detailed vector images may be installed as digital prints rather than cut vinyl.

Accepted file types are:

  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator) Files
  • Editable .PDF files (From inside Illustrator choose “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” when saving.)
  • Vector .EPS files
  • .CDR (Corel Draw)files


Raster Images

Image Quality: Raster images are photos or scanned illustrations. They are composed of pixels of color. These images degrade in quality when enlarged so it is important to start with a good quality image.

If you are purchasing a stock image for print use, please choose the highest resolution available. If your image is from a photo shoot, please shoot at high resolution and provide the original image.

Your Photoshop or other bitmap image (or vector artwork if it contains contains a bitmap) will be printed as a digital print. 150 DPI at print size is preferable for large format images. For very large images or those viewed from a distance (billboards or elevated signs) 100 DPI will do. If your image will be used at a smaller size in an interior space, and viewed close-up, 300 dpi is best.

Accepted file types are:

  • .JPG Files
  • Editable .PDF files which include embedded images (see above)
  • .EPS files
  • .PSD files
  • .TIFF files


Due to variations in screen quality we cannot match paints to CMYK or RGB builds. What you are seeing on your screen may not be the same as what we see. For signs with painted elements please supply either a Pantone color number or a swatch number from a paint chip.


Half Size:  If you create your image at half-size using a 300 DPI image and it is scaled-up by 200%, the resulting image will be 150 dpi.

Quarter Size: If you create your file at quarter-size using a 300 DPI image the resulting up-scaled image will be 75 DPI.


If you don’t know the finished size of the sign please send us a file to use as a placeholder. We may request a revised file upon finalization of the design. You may submit a file saved from the web as a placeholder only. Web files cannot be used for print.


If you are unsure of the quality of the file you have please submit it to your Account Representative so our prepress staff can review it.


In the event you do not have a usable image for your sign, we may be able to recreate it. An artwork fee may be required for redraw of intricate designs. Please consult with your Account Representative about whether a redraw will be included in the price, or whether it will incur an art fee. If VSG needs to purchase high-resolution stock images for your project, your final billing will include the cost of the imagery and may include an image research fee if a photo search is requested.